The top 3 Brasseries near the Grands Boulevards according to your hotel

Use your weekend in Paris to explore the city’s brasseries and enjoy typical French fare!

Paris is about so much more than just the Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge and Notre-Dame. It’s also the wide range of boutiques, restaurants and other curiosities that make the City of Light such an charming place. Today, we’ll take you on a foodie tour of Paris through its brasseries. Whether you’re in Paris for a week or just a weekend, your hotel near the Grands Boulevards is the perfect base for discovering three top bistros, guaranteed to charm you with their history and rich menus!

Around your hotel restaurant Paris

Le Bouillon Chartier, over a century of fine cuisine

The Bouillon Chartiers, dating back to 1896, is a must for anyone keen to discover the archetypal Parisian brasserie, with its listed main hall , its Belle Epoque décor, its waiters and waitresses in their traditional costumes (jackets and white aprons), and its traditional and affordable menu. All this makes Bouillon Chartier an indispensable part of any stay in Paris, whether for a weekend or longer.

Chez Flo, Alsace in the City

Tucked away in an interior courtyard, the doors of Brasserie Flo open onto a décor dating back to 1900, making this a unique setting for a culinary experience that’s no less outstanding. In fact, the menu features both traditional Alsatian fare (sauerkraut, foie gras) and fish and seafood dishes (oysters, whelks and fried sea bass). The restaurant, less than 5 minutes from your hotel, is certainly worth a visit.

Brasserie Julien, where history meets gastronomy

To walk through the doors of Brasserie Julien is to step back in time. The Art Nouveau décor whisks you right back to the 1910s, when the restaurant first opened. Daylight floods in through the glass ceilings, and the mirrors throughout the restaurant provide an infinite series of reflections, while four floral nymphs representing the four seasons keep kindly watch over the customers. Listed as a historic monument and just a hop from your Paris hotel near the Grands Boulevards, Chez Julien is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds alike!