Stay in Paris: activities and unusual places to prepare for winter

The long summer days are over, and autumn is gradually settling in the capital. With cooler temperatures and early nights, the urge to go out is reduced and there are fewer tourists.
However, late autumn is ideal for a stay in Paris and enjoy the city off season. Teams at your hotel in the Opéra district of Paris have selected for you unusual places and activities to prepare for winter with serenity.

Stay in Paris ? Do not miss the cat café

Want to rest? Come test the cat café. Located rue de la Sedaine, this odd place opened its doors in 2013.
In this cozy and pleasant tea room, you will come across a dozen cats, all of them adopted by animal welfare associations.
According to many studies, caressing a cat would help to deal with stress management and help to survive (or even cure) certain illnesses.
The concept is to bring people closer to these animals to enjoy their comforting presence.
In this restaurant you are their guests, they are at home and go about their business freely. Whether sleeping in a corner, strolling between tables or even lying on your lap, their cuddles are always pleasant and voluntary.
It is strictly forbidden to wake up a sleeping animal or force it to stay near you.
Part of the profits are donated to cat protection associations and every month a pension contribution is paid for each four-legged resident.

Just a stone’s throw from your hotel in the Opéra district, a life-size research project

Thanks to the Paper Chase sessions organized by QuiveutPister, you can (re) discover Paris and its unknown places (or abandoned) while having fun. Team participants must follow clues to solve an investigation while traveling on a chosen route.
With “Undercover Investigation” taking place not far from your hotel Opera district, you will experience an unusual and entertaining tourist experience to share as a couple, with friends or family.

A beer brewing workshop to complete your stay in Paris

Preparing for winter also means thinking about the gastronomic pleasures and the warmth of a good fire. The Ma bière workshop offers you the opportunity to discover the brewing process of beer in 4 hours.
Between theory and actual practice, this course will allow you to get acquainted with the manufacturing secret of this “gods’ drink” but also to appreciate all the pleasures of its tasting. You will brew your own drink and taste platters of cheese or charcuterie to experience the combination of foods.
After a fermentation of 3 weeks you will be able to get your personal 20 liters to party during a future stay in Paris.